Cleaning & Security Training Courses in Brisbane

We provide a range of security training courses for individuals and businesses alike. Our trainers here at Achieve Corporate Services are fully certified and have years of experience in the security industry. Our office is based in Woolloongabba, Queensland. We also offer mobile training courses (extra costs apply).

Certificate II in Security OPS

Perform CPR

QLD White Card

Security Guard Firearms

Apply First Aid


Firearms Safety Course

Batons & Handcuffs


Partial Certificate III in Security OPS

Advanced First Aid

Cleaning & Security Training Courses we provide

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Weapons Security Guard (Onsite Course)

This program has been specifically designed to meet the licensing requirements for a Security (Guard) Weapons Licence in Queensland.

Prerequisites: Students are required to have/hold a certificate with the following units, no more than 12 months old: CPPSEC3002A; CPPSEC3003A and CPPSEC3007A prior to attending this course. If the student does not have the necessary units please contact us to assist you.

The units included in the Weapons Security Guard course are below:

  • CPPSEC3008A Control Security Risk Situations Using Firearms.
  • CPPSEC3014A Control persons using baton.
  • CPPSEC3015A Restrain persons using handcuffs

Categories: H-Revolver and Semi-automatic Pistol, C-Shotgun & E-Body Armour

*Terms and conditions apply

Annual Weapons Renewal (Onsite Course)

Holders of a Security (Guard) Weapons Licence in Queensland are required to complete an annual weapons renewal course prior to applying for their licence to be renewed.

The units included in the Annual Weapons Renewal course are below:

  • CPPSEC3008A Control Security Risk Situations Using Firearms

Fees and Charges:


*Terms and conditions apply

Apply First Aid (Onsite Course)

Apply First Aid course (previously known as Senior First Aid/Level 2 Apply First Aid) is the minimum requirement under the Workplace Health and Safety Legislation for a workplace first aider. However, all persons are encouraged to complete a Provide First Aid course, regardless of their work requirements as it could help you save a life! Apply First Aid gives you the basic skills and knowledge to assist in any emergency situation until further help arrives. You will be trained by qualified trainers and partake in practical training to learn what to do for different emergencies. The units included in the Apply First Aid course are below:

  • HLTAID001 Provide Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
  • HLTAID002 Provide Basic Emergency Life Support
  • HLTAID003 Provide First Aid
*Terms and conditions apply

Batons and Handcuffs (Onsite Course)

This course is for participants whose employer requires them to carry Batons and Handcuffs whilst performing their security duties – those who carry Batons or Handcuffs must complete the required training and be authorised by their employer to carry and have a genuine reason to carry and use. Our experienced trainer covers the legalities and the skills and knowledge required to present and control a person using batons and handcuffs. Participants will gain practical experience using batons and handcuffs in a simulated environment.

*Terms and Conditions apply

Bodyguard (Onsite Course)

This course is for participants in the security industry wishing to add bodyguard function to their Queensland Security Class 1 Licence. A bodyguard’s job is to protect the personal safety of a specific individual. This unit of competency specifies the outcomes required to ensure the safety of persons at risk under various security assignment conditions. It requires the ability to plan and prepare security arrangements, implement security and safety policies during escort activities, and monitor and review the effectiveness of the security assignment. The units included in the bodyguard course are below:

  • CPPSEC3018 Provide for the safety of persons at risk
*Terms and conditions apply

Cash in Transit

This course is for participants in the security industry wishing to add Cash in Transit function to their Queensland Security Class 1 Licence. A cash transit security officer carries cash, bullion, jewellery or valuables. This course covers the skills and knowledge required to work effectively as a Cash in Transit Security Officer - this may include low risk unarmed duties or armed duties.

The units included in the Cash in Transit course are below:

  • CPPSEC3050A Load and Unload Cash-in-transit in an Unsecured Environment
  • CPPSEC3051A Implement Cash-in-transit Security Procedures
  • CPPSEC3052A Inspect and Test Cash-in-transit Security Equipment

*Terms and Conditions apply

Certificate II in Security Operations (Onsite Course)

The Certificate II in Security Operations is the minimum entry level course for those who wish to being employment in the security industry and apply for a Queensland Class 1 Security Licence wit licence functions - Unarmed and Crowd Controller. Those that gain a Queensland Security licence are required to complete revalidation training every three (3) years and hold a current first aid certificate.

The units included in the Certificate II are below:

  • CPPSEC2001A Communicate effectively in the security industry
  • CPPSEC2002A Follow workplace safety procedures in the security industry
  • CPPSEC2003B Work effectively in the security industry
  • CPPSEC2004B Respond to security risk
  • CPPSEC2005A Work as part of a team
  • CPPSEC2006B Provide security services to clients
  • CPPSEC2011B Control access to and exit from premises
  • CPPSEC2012A Monitor and control individual and crowd behaviour
  • CPPSEC2014A Operate basic security equipment
  • CPPSEC2015A Patrol premises
  • CPPSEC3002A Manage conflict through negotiation
  • HLTFA311A Apply first aid

The below three units are included in the Certificate II in Security Operations but are issued on a separate SOA:

  • CPPSEC3003A Determine response to security risk situation
  • CPPSEC3007A Maintain security of environment
  • CPPSEC3013A Control persons using empty hand techniques

*Terms and conditions apply

Certificate III in Cleaning Operations (Onsite Course)

Improve your skills and job prospects with this nationally accredited certificate! Our Certificate III in Cleaning Operations will teach you the importance of complying with infection control policies and procedures. Our units have been carefully chosen to maximise the amount of knowledge you’ll achieve out of enrolling in this certificate! This course is for new entrants to gain a nationally recognised vocational qualification. The student will gain experience across a range of functions experienced in a typical work environment. With this certificate, you will gain knowledge and expertise in the asset maintenance field, build skills for cleaning techniques and operations, and learn about leading small teams. Job prospects include:

  • Commercial cleaner
  • Cleaning staff
  • Cleaning assistant
The units included in the Cert III in Cleaning Operations course are below:
  • CPPCLO2033A Plan for safe and efficient cleaning activities
  • CPPCLO2035A Maintain cleaning storage areas
  • CPPCLO3039A Support leadership in the workplace
  • CPPCMN3003A Contribute to workplace safety arrangements
  • CPPCLO2001A Maintain hard floor surfaces
  • CPPCLO2004A Maintain carpeted floors
  • CPPCLO2009A Clean glass surfaces
  • CPPCLO2010A Cleaning ceiling surfaces and fittings
  • CPPCLO2015A Maintain furniture, fittings and room dressing
  • CPPCLO2017A Clean wet area
  • CPPCLO3002A Restore a hard floor surface
  • CPPCLO3013A Clean window coverings
  • CPPCLO3014A Maintain clean room environments
  • CPPCLO3016A Wash furniture and fittings
  • CPPCLO3020A Clean using pressure washing
  • CPPCLO3021A Clean industrial machinery
  • CPPCMN3001B Participate in environmentally sustainable practices
  • CPPCMN302A Respond to client inquires and complaints
  • TAEDEL301A Provide work skill instruction

Crowd Control Triennial with or without First Aid (Onsite Course)

This course is for those that hold a current Crowd Controller Queensland Security Licence. Those that hold this licence are required to stay up to date with the latest industry legislations, standards and techniques. Revalidation training is required to be completed every 3 years.

*Terms and Conditions apply

Crowd Controller Upgrade (Onsite Course)

This course is for those that hold a current Queensland Security Licence Class 1 Unarmed and wish to add crowd control function on. This course covers the skills and knowledge a security guard would require to effectively provide crowd control duties within the security industry.

  • Unarmed Security Officer

Personally guards, patrols or watches another person’s property. They do this without a guard dog or weapon.

This includes: in-house security (someone who guards, patrols or watches their employer’s property), a loss prevention officer, a security gate officer.

  • Crowd Controller

Keeps order at a public place they can: screen the entry of people into a place, monitor or control their behaviour while inside, remove people for bad behaviour.

*Terms and Conditions apply

Firearms Safety Course (Onsite Course)

This nationally recognised course is for participants wishing to gain a Queensland Weapons Licence. Participants will learn essential skills and knowledge relating to firearms legislation, firearms in the community, licensing requirements, safe handling, safe storage and transport as well as a range of additional information that is essential for all shooters. This course has 2 components: classroom theory based training and a live practical shoot at an approved firing range. Participants can walk away from this course feeling confident and safe when using firearms.

*Terms and conditions apply

Monitoring (Online Course)

This course suits those that are required to complete monitoring duties as part of their employment. Participants will gain the skills and knowledge required to monitor the security of persons and premises from a control room perspective and maintain operational functions of an electronic reporting facility.

Fees and Charges:


RSA (Online Course)

The RSA Certificate is required by law for licensees, club secretaries, permanent/casual serving staff, and security staff are required to hold a current National RSA certificate in the liquor industry or anywhere alcohol is sold and served in QLD. The Responsible Service of Alcohol RSA certificate is required by law, to provide a duty of care to patrons within premises which hold a liquor licence and to remain up-to-date with current state laws.

Fees and Charges:


White Card QLD (Online Course)

The Work Safely in the Construction Industry course is a compulsory requirement for anyone working in the construction industry.

Fees and Charges:


Achieve Corporate Services has a Third Party Arrangement with Regal Security and Industry Training Pty Ltd RTO Number: 32331 to deliver and assess the following Accredited Courses: CPP20212 Certificate II Security Operations, CPP30411 Certificate III Security Operations and HLTAID003 Provide First Aid Statement of Attainment, HLTAIDOO1 Provide CPR Statement of Attainment and QLD 10618NAT Course in Firearms Safety.