Carpet Cleaning

Achieve Corporate Services can provide carpet cleaning services to commercial and domestic premises throughout Queensland. Carpets can hold up to 200,000 bacteria per square inch and can hold up to 4 times its weight in dirt. Achieve recommends high traffic office areas be cleaned every 6-12 months.

Achieve utilises the carpet extraction method which removes much deeper dirt from the carpet pile compared to dry cleaning. Achieve Corporate Services incorporates environmentally friendly products into our everyday cleaning which are biodegradable and safe for our client’s employees.

Cleaning Step Process

Step 1. Visual Inspection and removal of any furniture (if required)

Visual inspection undertaken prior to starting cleaning to identify any stains/spots that need pre-treating. Any furniture that is required to be moved will be moved prior to starting (this will incur an extra charge).

Step 2. Thorough carpet vacuum

All carpet is thoroughly vacuumed to remove any excess dirt or debris.

Step 3. Spot/Stain Treatment and Pre-Spray

Any spots/stains are treated with appropriate carpet spot treatment and all carpet is sprayed with a Pre-Spray product.

Step 4. Carpet Extraction

Carpet is extracted with commercial extraction machine utilising appropriate carpet shampoo.

Step 5.  Drying

Carpet can be left to dry or Achieve can provide fans which can be hired and removed from site once carpet is dry.


Achieve Corporate Services is continuously conscious of the environment and are always trying to think of new, innovative ways to preserve the environment.

With the importance placed on environmental issues today, it is essential that all companies are conscious of their obligations under the various federal and state acts.

Achieve Corporate Services is committed to excellence and leadership in protecting the environment. Through good environmental management, it is our intention at Achieve Corporate Services to continually strive to minimise any adverse impact of our products, or materials, on the environment.

In pursuit of these aims, we will:

Use products in such a way to minimise the environment effects of these products in use.
Conserve resources by reducing waste and the consumption of cleaning materials.
Make full use of application technology to enable our products to work more efficiently at lower concentrations.
Minimise pollution by reducing and/or finding environmentally friendly cleaning agents. This is the preferred route. When waste cannot be avoided. Achieve Corporate Services is to treat and dispose of in a way that minimises adverse effects on the environment.
Support and adhere to all environmental legislation.
Work in partnership with suppliers and employees to reduce risk through improved chemical handling techniques.
Use microfibre products where possible to ensure adherence to water restrictions.
Use products in such a way to minimise the environment effects of these products in use.