Cleaning Professionals

Achieve Corporate Services provides the most reliable, comprehensive, and professional Cleaning Services in Queensland since 1989. We can offer you many competitive advantages such as:

Professional Cleaners

A strong and on-going Partnership

Specialised cleaning services

Dedicated Management Team

Environmental Friendly Products

24/7 operations

Guaranteed Quality of Service

An emergency call-out service

Cleaning Services we provide

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Builders Clean

Achieve Corporate Services provides a superior and professional builders cleaning service, with many years of experience in providing excellent builder cleaning services in Queensland. Our team are highly skilled, reliable and can provide a suitable plan for your builder cleaning needs.

Carpet Cleaning

Achieve Corporate Services uses the extraction, not steam method due to the fact that extraction removes much deeper dirt from the pile than steam does.

Emergency Cleaning

Achieve Corporate Services provides 24/7 emergency call out services to current and future clients with a minimum of a two-hour call out. (Emergency call-out fees apply).

Airport Cleaning

Achieve Corporate Services provides a comprehensive and professional Airport Cleaning Service to clean areas including; ticketing counters, baggage collection, staff offices, public waiting areas and toilets.

High-Pressure Cleaning

Achieve Corporate Services uses blasters that use much less water than many other water blasters on the market but still has a high enough pressure to remove dirt and grime as needed by our clients.

Office Cleaning

Achieve Corporate Services provides a superior and professional office cleaning service to clean areas including; floors, kitchens, desks, bins, toilets, lobby and much more. Upon choosing Achieve Corporate Services as your preferred cleaning provider, we can tailor a custom plan to meet your requirements.

Shop Fit-Out Clean

After your business has been fitted out with its furnishings and prior to stocking, staffing or commencing trade, we can provide a once over shop clean to make sure your store is ready to commence trading.

Stripping & Sealing

Achieve Corporate Services provides stripping and sealing of floors surfaces such as vinyl, vinyl tile, and other hard floor surfaces.

Warehouse Cleaning

Achieve Corporate Services provides full warehouse cleans including; Water blasting of high roofs and walls, scrubbing of concrete floors and cleaning of high racking. Scissor lifts can also be arranged by Achieve Corporate Services to get those hard to reach places.

Environmental Sustainability

Achieve Corporate Services is continuously conscious of the environment and are always trying to think of new, innovative ways to preserve the environment.

With the importance placed on environmental issues today, it is essential that all companies are conscious of their obligations under the various federal and state acts. Achieve Corporate Services is committed to excellence and leadership in protecting the environment. Through good environmental management, it is our intention at Achieve Corporate Services to continually strive to minimise any adverse impact of our products, or materials, on the environment.

In pursuit of these aims, we will:

Advise employees on the method of use and disposal of materials in the most beneficial way to the environment
Conserve resources by reducing waste and the consumption of cleaning materials
Make full use of application technology to enable our products to work more efficiently at lower concentrations
Minimise pollution by reducing and/or finding environmentally friendly cleaning agents. This is the preferred route. When waste cannot be avoided. Achieve Corporate Services is to treat and dispose of in a way that minimises adverse effects on the environment
Support and adhere to all environmental legislation
Work in partnership with suppliers and employees to reduce risk through improved chemical handling techniques
Use microfibre products where possible to ensure adherence to water restrictions
Use products in such a way to minimise the environment effects of these products in use